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Name:Read With Me
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Community description:A Comm for Reading Groups
Reading is fun; reading along with other people can make it even more so! Therefor, this is a community for groups who have decided to read and discuss a book together.

You may post here if you are:

1. Looking for people interested in doing a group reading of [book or genre of your choice];
2. Trying to find discussions from a past group-read (i.e. "someone on my reading list was doing a discussion for Foreigner, but I don't remember who!");
3. Noting the location of a group-reading so that other people can find the related posts easily;
4. You want to begin a group reading, but don't want to host it on your own journal for whatever reason. You are welcome to host it here! All we ask is that you create a tag for it, and make a post recording its location.

I'd like this community to serve as a record of all the group-reads on DW, so even if yours is over, please post with a link to your discussions! It could be invaluable to someone else who's just starting that book... or to someone looking for ideas to set up their own group reading.

When posting, please specify in the title of the post what you're interested in -- starting a group read, reporting a group-read, finding a group-read, or hosting a group-read.

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fantasy, group readings, online book clubs, readalongs, reading, reading together, science fiction
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